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Poison and malice called sex.
The resistance forces fight against the small villain who is prevailing in the school and the student organization who divides the place.
In this world, everyone has a back face.

Harlem cult 1: La carte, s’il vous plait.”
Photograph club member Shoko Shimura took a secret shot of the target video, etc., and sold it or made money as a threatening material. ..
When she was blamed by Yuichi Tatsumi for her actions, he had a similar experience.
Hajime Hatorishima, a punisher of the school, appears in front of Yuichi, who is bullied by multiple women behind the school building and is stunned.
After that, when I headed to the house called from Hatorijima, I saw Shimura who was tied up on the sofa and lost consciousness.
Hatorishima points out the fact of wrongdoing to Shimura who wakes up, and declares that he “will commit you.”

“Harlem Cult 2: butterfly”
track and field manager, Akahori So, has the ability to win consecutive prefectural championships, but on the other hand, he brought in a man in the club room and repeated systematic fornication.
In order to prove that fact, Tatsumi recorded all the exchanges at the experience entrance department.
As expected of Hatorijima, the evil deeds of Akahori are revealed one after another.

From the original “Harlem cult side HAREM” “Harlem cult 1: La carte, s’il vous plait.” “Harlem cult 2: butterfly”

Harem Cult Episode 1
Harem Cult Episode 1
Harem Cult Episode 1
Harem Cult Episode 1
Harem Cult Episode 1
Harem Cult Episode 1

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