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Ark Academy was chosen as a model case for a school with mixed races.
Aegis, an elf enrolled in the school, and her teacher came to the sea at her invitation.
The dignified and beautiful features, the toned body, and the plump fruit on her chest attract the gazes of the men on the beach.
Aegis pretends to be her teacher and her lover to avoid picking her up, but she can’t control her lust, even if she’s her teacher, in front of her attractive body. It was
“This is not a help, it’s just a meeting between lovers
Because they know that when they return to school, their relationship will return to normal, and their relationship will become more intense and passionate.
What is the Princess Knight Elf’s feelings hidden under her cool expression?
The blue sea, the white sandy beach, the smell of the sea breeze that tickles her nose…
and the big-breasted bodyguard knight wearing a sword and a tiny bikini snuggling up next to her.

○○交配 第七話 水着の一日恋人な彼女はエルフの護衛騎士

Enjo Kouhai Episode 7
Enjo Kouhai Episode 7
Enjo Kouhai Episode 7
Enjo Kouhai Episode 7

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